We are a creative strategic consultancy

We create the strategies to achieve your business objectives and produce content for any platform.

We enjoy developing new ways of engaging and involving your customers.

It’s one third advertising, one third business consulting and one third entertainment. We don’t believe anyone’s ever been bored into submission.

Welcome to The Platypus Factory!

Beak! Fur! Eggs! Milk! Venomous spikes!

A platypus is the most creative animal we know!

We named ourselves The Platypus Factory because we strive to create surprising and unique solutions for every project we take on.

Why work with us?

When you engage us, you always get to work with the leadership team.

We only take on as many projects as we can handle ourselves.

We do not have junior teams who do all the work, and there’s no bait & switch, where you’ll never meet the people you hired again after the check clears.

We have experience working all over the world, particularly Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

So if you are an international brand or have international aspirations, odds are we have relevant experience that will be beneficial for you to tap into.

How we work!

We like to start our engagements with a fresh look at your brand: How your audience perceives you, your competition and what role you could play in culture.

We believe brands need to have a personality and a point-of-view. Then we make a plan for what types of content in which places will achieve your objectives. And then we produce it.

Sounds easy? We hope so. We prefer to keep it simple.

Highly experienced

Our team is highly experienced, so when you engage us, you get to work with a group of people with global experience who have worked both client and agency side with some of the world’s most admired brands.

At the same time we are partnered with Kunde & Co, one of Denmark’s largest and most respected agencies.

That allows us to draw on their resources within e.g. IT, finance, HR and production, so we can focus on doing what we do best.

Let’s get in touch

Our office space is in Copenhagen, Denmark, and you are welcome to drop by when we are here. Cause sometimes we sit with our clients in their offices. So in reality we are basically based wherever our laptops are.

Send an email to if you’re the shy type. Or just give us a call:

Caroline: +45 2844 4572